IEEE Task Force on Process Mining

The Task Force on Process Mining has been established by IEEE in the context of the Data Mining Technical Committee (DMTC) of the Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. (IEEE).

The goal of the Task Force is to promote the research, development, education and understanding of process mining, by popularizing the state of the art in process mining, supporting the development of process mining tools, and organizing conferences, workshops and other initiatives in the academic space of process mining.

Chair of Process and Data Science (PADS), RWTH Aachen

The Chair of Process and Data Science, headed by Prof. Wil van der Aalst, is one of the research units in the Department of Computer Science of RWTH Aachen University. The scope of PADS includes all activities where discrete processes are analyzed, reengineered, and/or supported in a data-driven manner. Process-centricity is combined with an array of Data Science techniques.

The group has been established in the context of the Alexander von Humboldt Professorship awarded to Prof. Wil van der Aalst in 2017. The PADS group supports RWTH’s strategy to further strengthen its Data Science capabilities.

Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is a research foundation established and funded by the Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development; it promotes international academic cooperation between excellent scientists and scholars from Germany and from abroad.

The Foundation funds and assigns Alexander von Humboldt Professorships, which enable the holders to conduct forward-thinking, long-term research at universities and research institutions in this country and makes a sustainable contribution to Germany’s ability to compete internationally as a location for research.


Founded as a process mining start-up in Munich, Germany in 2011, Celonis is the global leader in execution management. With a valuation of  $11.1 billion USD, Celonis is the largest start-up in Germany. Companies around the world including Siemens, GM, 3M, Airbus and Vodafone rely on Celonis technology to guide action and drive change to business processes, resulting in millions of dollars saved and an improved experience for their customers.

Internet of Production @ RWTH Aachen

The Cluster of Excellence “Internet of Production” at the RWTH Aachen University is a research initiative within the excellence strategy of the federal and state governments of Germany that focuses on the development of new technologies for the Industry 4.0. The cluster brings together more than 200 scientists from various disciplines, such as computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and economics. The goal of the cluster is to create a new generation of production systems that are more flexible, efficient and user-friendly.

Center for Artificial Intelligence @ RWTH Aachen

The Center for Artificial Intelligence at the RWTH Aachen University aims to support, promote, and popularize all facets of AI research by serving as a contact point and competence center for topics in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Both basic research on AI methods and  the close integration of application disciplines should contribute to establishing RWTH as one of the leading university locations for AI research in Germany.

Springer’s Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing (LNBIP) series

The Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing (LNBIP) series reports state-of-the-art results in areas related to business information systems and industrial application software development—timely, at a high level, and in both printed and electronic form.

The lectured of the Process Mining Summer School will be published in the LNBIP series in book form, with the title “Process Mining Handbook“.